Preparedness for Lesson and Learning Environment

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Preparedness for Lesson and Learning Environment
·        School is not a form of punishment rather an opportunity for you to build a strong foundation for your future.
·        Have vision. What you want to be in future and strive towards that vision.
·        When you wake up set the day moods for school activities.
·        Always display self-confidence.
·        Show respect and consideration for others. It helps you build new relationships with others.
·        Be a leader not a follower. Make good and right choice.
·        Spend more time being with other students who have the same morals and values as you.
·        Use a planner to help you stay organized. Planning a head and being prepared is key to being a successful student.
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·        When you are organized it will ease a lot of stress and help keep your grades up.
·        Sitting posture in class also matters. Sitting upright shows your interest in class and respect to the teacher and other students.
·        Lying on the desk is disrespectful to your teacher and students around you.
·        It allows you create a positive atmosphere for everyone involve.
·        Establish good study habits;
-        Listen attentively in class
-        Participate in class. It helps you understand and learn more about the subject.
-        Always complete your assignments on time.
·        Talk to your teacher and ask question even if it is not academic related.
·        After classes gather your things, leaving your area clean and neat.
·        Reward yourself with what you like doing i.e. in sports, choir, watch an episode, dance, clubs etc.
·        It helps you be motivated to stay focused and complete your work.

REM: Stress Less and Smile More!  
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